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Planit also offers an entry-level Kitchen Builder, a basic kitchen design program for under $3,000.

"As the needs of that shop owner demand more capabilities in his software he has an upgrade path available to allow him to graduate, in steps, to a more powerful program," said Diamond.

20-20 Technologies
With the introduction of its DFMcnc at the AWFS show in 2007, 20-20 Technologies has enabled the delivery of a low-cost engineering solution that integrates the premium design capabilities of 20-20 Design with virtually all commercially available CNC machines, including machining centers and saws. The components of the DFM software comprise several individual applications which have already been successfully implemented in the woodworking marketplace, namely 20-20 Design, Drill-Mate, Nested Machining and Cut-Planner Optimizer.

"DFM is an excellent fit for smaller shops, typically between 3 to 15 employees," said Allu. "It delivers full-room design and rendering capabilities for both CNC and non-CNC shops. If the shop has no CNC but wants cut lists and manual saw optimization, then DFMse with Cut Planner will deliver manual report information. If the shop has or grows into CNC, then a very quick and inexpensive upgrade to DFMcnc provides integration of the cut lists directly to the machinery."

DFMcnc delivers easily configurable walls, windows and room plans which can be populated with cabinetry and appliances. Once the drawing is populated with all the products, it can be rendered in plan, elevation or 3D view and rendered in photo-realistic modes with the ability to easily adjust lighting, background and flooring choices, according to 20-20.

During the configuration of the drawing, DFMcnc is creating a part list based upon the cabinet manufacturer's own set of construction and joinery methods, parametrically adjusted for "non-standard" sizing or add-ons such as extra shelves. This part-list also includes identification of "buy-outs" (hardware or wood) which are not manufactured within the cabinetmaker's shop. "Cut Parts" are quickly and seamlessly integrated to the machines, either for nested-based or cell-based manufacturing processes. Currently the software is available for less than $10,000.