Woodshop library

52_library_1BENCH PLANES by Ernie Conover, is part of Fox Chapel Publishing’s Missing Shop Manual Series.

52_library_2In addition to detailing the basics of safety and setup, this handy reference and 55-minute tutorial DVD provides tips and techniques to get the most from your bench plane. Fully illustrated chapters cover the many types of planes and their anatomy. Instruction is provided for making a plane. There is also a special section on dating Stanley-Bailey bench planes. The 48-page softcover with DVD sells for $19.95.

52_library_3SHAPER, also part of the Missing Shop Manual series, is a reference guide offering tips on basic safety practices and setup. It provides extensive information on cutters and accessories, and describes cutting applications for frame and panel doors, windows, entry doors and handrails. The 88-page softcover sells for $9.95. Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing.

WORKSHOP DUST CONTROL, from the editors of American Woodworkers, offers advice on how to install a safe and clean system for a home workshop. It offers five rules for a dust-free shop, including finding the appropriate vacuum for your space and how to minimize dust from portable power tools; provides information on dust collection systems, air compressors and air scrubbers, and offers practical solutions for making tools work cleaner. The 136-page softcover sells for $19.95. Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing.

This article originally appeared in the May 2012 issue.