Woodworking Industry: Taking a Closer Look

Don’t let an economic uptick leave you behind

Written by Tod Riggio Monday, 18 June 2012 00:00

todmug_newEach spring, the movers and shakers of the woodworking industry gather at a resort to be briefed on the economy and to network and enjoy some fun in the sun. This year’s Woodworking Industry Conference, held May 2-4 in Delray Beach, Fla., had a very positive feel as the industry appears to be finally on the road to recovery after a deep recession. In between golf and fishing outings, cocktail parties and association board meetings, some significant news was made.



Recent accidents remind of safety hazards

Written by John English Monday, 14 May 2012 00:00

28_John_EnglishIt hasn’t been a great month for shop safety in the West. Two weeks ago, an old friend, who is a master furniture builder in Wyoming, ran the tips of his left hand across the jointer while pulling thin boards back for another pass. And recently, a former student of mine here in South Dakota told me about the knot he hit last week when making some small parts and how the table saw blade ate the same two finger tips as the first friend lost.



Stiles’ IWF decision sends a strong signal

Written by Tod Riggio Monday, 16 April 2012 00:00

todmug_newThe wait is over. Stiles Machinery, the distributor of nearly four dozen brands, says it will exhibit at the 2012 IWF, this year’s big industry trade show, in Atlanta.



An eye-opening look at a brighter future

Written by Tod Riggio Monday, 19 March 2012 00:00

todmug_newMuch to my surprise — and delight — I walked into an honest-to-goodness professional woodworking shop on a recent visit to Norwich Technical High School in Norwich, Conn.



Industry will see more CNC innovation in 2012

Written by Tod Riggio Monday, 13 February 2012 00:00

todmug_newSmall woodworking shops were introduced to CNC machinery about 10 or 15 years ago. For most, the cost was prohibitive. For others, the thought of a robot doing their work was unsettling. But then the virtues of CNC machining began to catch on: incredible accuracy, repeatability — no lunch breaks!



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