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Cabinet construction can hinge on profits

davidgettsMost professionals in the design and construction industry are familiar with face-frame and frameless cabinetry. But how aware are you of the characteristics of each style? Whether you build cabinets or collaborate with a cabinetmaker on projects, understanding how the different construction methods affect the design and use of space is important if you want to be able to specify them properly.



Solar panels power this shop year-round

We have a 43-panel, 9.8-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the roof of our building. I had it installed in the fall of 2008, using all the available state and federal incentives. Even with that, it will be about a 10- to 12-year payback on the out-of-pocket cost.



Make technology do what you want it to do

davidwoodruffAs the saying goes, “Technology is wonderful when it works, but when it doesn’t, it can be a disaster.” Technological applications are expanding across our industry. Using technology appropriately is simply another part of our tool kit. Businesses can spend a lot of money quickly for very little return on their investment unless an orderly plan is followed.



Guest opinion: There is another solution to saw injuries

9_news_deskA Feb. 2 article in USA Today reported that Stephen Gass, a patent attorney who invented SawStop technology, was consulting with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.



Lamp sheds light on wonders of veneer

A standard thickness for commercial veneer is 1/42 of an inch. At that thickness, many species of veneer are thin enough to be quite translucent. When light passes through such veneers, their color and tone often change. Indeed, many veneers have a more brilliant, exciting look when light passes through than when the light is simply reflected off an opaque surface, such as when the veneer is glued to an opaque substrate.



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