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Thermwood’s software makes magic for shop owners

Written by R.W. Lee Monday, 17 October 2016 00:00

Of all the cabinet design and manufacturing software available to woodworkers, eCabinet Systems from Thermwood Corp. is certainly unique.



UV flatline finishing can produce long-term savings

Written by Tim Workman Monday, 15 August 2016 00:00

UV flatline finishing technology has been around for decades and has offered finishers increased throughput and efficiency when finishing flat objects, such as doors and panels, under a spray. It has primarily been used in the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets, wood furniture and flat-wood building products. Though originally designed to operate with clearcoat solvent-based finishes, the technology saw growth as waterborne clearcoat finishes entered the market.



Connecticut shop finds its niche as CNC service provider

Written by R.W. Lee Monday, 13 June 2016 00:00

Dave Hall’s business, Hall’s Edge in Stamford, Connecticut, is a CNC machining service provider that makes boxes for cabinetmakers, thus making those cabinetmakers more efficient and profitable. He does this with a CNC machine, an edgebander, a forklift and three CAD/CAM software packages.



Don’t get tied in knots over spindle maintenance

Written by R.W. Lee Monday, 16 May 2016 00:00

A basic 3-axis CNC router used in the woodworking industry is a substantial piece of equipment. The frame and gantry are large pieces of heavy-gauge steel welded together; the motion control systems, rails and the trucks, are made of precision-machined high-quality steel, as are the linear-drive systems.



Legacy makes its mark with Maverick CNC

Written by R.W. Lee Monday, 11 April 2016 00:00

Mention a CNC machine to most woodworkers and they will envision a large machine with a sheet of plywood being cut with a router. For the most part, that is an accurate image of a CNC machine in the  woodworking industry.

However, there are many unique and specialized CNC machines in the woodworking industry that are smaller in size and rarely, if ever, see a whole sheet of plywood. In addition, there are numerous accessories and options that can significantly extend the capabilities of any CNC router.

Some are a fourth axis (rotary) that acts like a lathe, while fifth and sixth axes can be attached to the Z-axis for it to cut horizontally in the X-Y plane, which is the plane of the table.

There are also CNC machines that are configured differently and approach the use of how to use fourth, fifth and sixth axes in a different manner. One such manufacturer is Legacy CNC Woodworking of Springville, Utah. And if that name rings a bell, Legacy is the inventor and manufacturer of the Legacy Ornamental Mill, which is one of the more unique methods of controlling and using a typical router for a wide variety of creative woodworking tasks.

cutting_edgeLegacy has a wide variety of CNC machines that perform three-, four- and five-axis cutting operations. Its production models range from a 2’ x 2’, 3-axis benchtop model to a 4’ x 8’, five-axis floor model. Custom-sized models are also available.



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