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The moment of truth for millennials

john_englishWhat’s the matter with kids these days?



‘Groop’ gathering brings a wealth of ideas

I recently returned from an information- and inspiration-filled four-day conference of the Professional Refinishers Group and I feel obliged to share a bit of my sense of the value of this unparalleled assemblage of mind and skill.



3-D printing: This changes everything

bagnallWhen woodworkers take a rough plank or a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood and turn them into useful items, we do so through a process of subtraction. Like a stone sculpture, we start with a block and remove stock until we have the part we need. A machine shop does much the same. This is generally referred to as subtractive manufacturing. Conversely, 3-D printing is additive manufacturing, the process of building up a part from raw materials and not adding the unwanted bits.



Drive motors are the muscle behind CNC

Though the software side of CNC is the brains of digital fabrication, the muscle side is the drive motors and the related hardware that provide electronic signals and electrical power to the drive motors.



Inside the ‘brains’ of the CNC

The term CNC first started out as just “NC” for numeric control. The concept was developed in the 1950s using punched paper tape to convey instructions to motors that controlled the movement of a metal milling machine. When computers became more readily available, they were wired directly to the motors and CNC was born.



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