BLOXYGEN SAVES LEFTOVER FINISHES Prevent Oxygen or moisture damage 805-542-9219.

HYDROCOTE RESISTHANE Pre-Cat Water-Based Lacquer. This Green Technology finish is the best and most respected water-based finish on the market. It offers clarity and warmth like no other. Its quick drying, highly durable and scratch resistant along with extremely low VOC. Very environmentally friendly, including to chemically sensitive individuals. 800-229-0934,

MAGNA-SHIELD Pre-Cat lacquer that raises the bar on performance/ease of use. Self-sealing/low odor. No restriction on number-of coats, no window of recoatability. Tough/durable. 800-229-0934,

QUICK DRYING GRAIN FILLER FILLER -lacquer based. Complete wood grain filling in a couple of hours -simple and easy. 800-229-0934,